Jean-Marie Niget, agr. is a graduate in agricultural engineering from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires in Nancy (France). He also holds a Diplôme d'Agronomie Approfondie - Productions Animales Mention Halieutique from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie in Rennes (France). Jean-Marie Niget is a member of the Ordre of Quebec Agronomists (n°7256) and a member of the Quebec Association of Zootechnician Agronomists.

Before starting INNOVAGRO Consultants inc. in 2000, Jean-Marie Niget acquired since 1980 a solid international professional experience. His expertise in the conception and management of ambitious agricultural and agro-food projects was recognized not only in Canada but also in France, Africa and the Middle East. His activities not only led to producing diagnostic analyses, development master plans and project feasibility studies but also to directing important development projects and SME. This « duality » has given Jean-Marie Niget a profound understanding of entrepreneurship in all its forms. His interventions systematically aim for business consolidation, whatever the size of the enterprise, thus ensuring continuity and competitiveness in a widening market. To achieve this, at every level, he relies on efficient use of human resources, internal R&D capacity and strategic partnership opportunities.

Jean-Marie Niget,agr. speaker for the « Forum Québec Énergie » (2011) Pascal Billard (Sol-Air Consultants) and Jean-Marie Niget, agr. speakers for the presentation of the PDAA / MRC de Maria-Chapdelaine (2015)

Jean-Marie Niget, agr. and Mario Ménard, ing. General Manager of the City of Saint-Felicien, to animate the kiosk of the Agrothermal Park of the City of Saint-Felicien at the 2017 congress of the “Union of Municipalities of Quebec”

INNOVAGRO Consultants inc. is recognized for its dedication and professionalism and in this capacity, has concluded privileged collaboration agreements with SOL-AIR Consultants.

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