INNOVAGRO Consultants inc. is fully aware of the globalization of the economy and the rapid changes brought about by technological growth, new production and transformation techniques as well as commercial constraints. INNOVAGRO Consultants inc. is equally aware of the pressing environmental preoccupations which concern our national and international clients as well as industry in general.

With our thorough knowledge of the agricultural, agro-food and agro-business sectors, including energy and environmental aspects, project development and the different aspects of trade and the market economy, we at INNOVAGRO Consultants inc. can offer our clients a development structure generating environmental, social and economic advantages. The line of work proposed by INNOVAGRO Consultants inc. is also of special interest to institutions responsible for socio-economic development because of the motivating macroeconomic impact that these projects represent.

On the international front, INNOVAGRO Consultants inc. is an active participant in ambitious development projects concerning continental and coastal fishing, transformation and commercialization of fishery products as well as aquaculture and agriculture in Africa and Madagascar.

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